17 Dec

What Matters for Thursday, December 17, 2015

Two more members of the General Assembly have decided they aren’t running for re-election. With the time to file getting ever shorter, Chad kicks off the show discussing how the General Assembly will look after the next election.

Next, Chad speaks to WBTV Investigative Reporter Nick Ochsner about what he uncovered when looking into changes made to a bill by House Rules Committee Chair Rep. David Lewis that would’ve shortened the list of agencies required to receive printed copies of appellate court decisions. Nick explains that the company who prints the more than one thousand copies of the reports required by state law that are sent to more than 36 agencies is owned by a New Bern businessman. While not controversial, the fact this donor contributed to not only Rep. Lewis, but to House Speaker Tim Moore. Hmmm. Speaking of the House Speaker, Chad asks about a story he posted earlier this week about House Speaker Moore using campaign funds from a company he owns to rent office space they also own. Nick tells Chad the State Board of Elections said they couldn’t make a determination on this issue. Chad wonders if they can’t, who can.

In the second hour, Civitas Policy Director Brian Balfour. They first delve into how unemployment figures have been falling since tax reform started in 2013. Chad asks why, in his article, he used the term “progressive critics” for liberals. Brian explains he wants to reclaim the term liberal if Democrats are abandoning it. He and Chad then delve into the issue of how simply looking at figures can be deceiving when it comes to unemployment and job growth. You have to go back further to get the whole picture. Only then do you see how the state has fared far better than the nation from the tax reforms of 2013 in growing private sector jobs.

Finally, Chad talks to Alexander Guin, Campaign Finance Director for Civitas. Alexander explains how Civitas is able to make a difference and how you can make a difference with a charitable donation. As the end of the year rapidly approaches, Alexander shares how Civitas helps makes people’s lives better by  about some of the ways to give to good cause and also get a tax write-off to boot.

LadyLiberty1885 A.P. Dillon and News14’s Tim Boyum join us tomorrow.

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