21 Jan

What Matters for Thursday, January 21, 2016

It’s all about that storm – and we’re not just talking the two systems that may bring a lot of snow, sleet and freezing rain across the state. Chad starts by getting straight to the big story of the day with WeatherBell.com Senior Meteorologist Joe Bastardi. Joe says we’re going to be in a war zone between the two systems with the Triad getting a lot more snow than ice while areas more to the east could see snow on the front end, then sleet and freezing rain and perhaps even more snow as the systems exit the state Saturday. He says he looked at three different systems and how they acted – the blizzard from February, 1983, the storm from 2003 and a storm in 2010 to determine his forecast which hasn’t really changed since Sunday.

Then, Chad speaks to Johnston County resident Trent Lassiter who was told by CSX Railroads his farm would be taken by way of eminent domain. He tells Chad his family came together in the home built by his ancestors and cried over the thought of never having another Christmas there. Trent says he took on the role of leader because many of his neighbors also having their land taken are older. Trent says he recognizes the magnitude of the project for the state, but it’s just not right for a non-government entity to take property from landowners for a purpose that is not government-related. Chad asks how he sounds so calm. Trent says he’s taken all his emotions and motivations and put them toward this project to save his land. He tells Chad tears were shed at the Commissioner’s meeting Wednesday night when they voted down the project. Chad asks what is next. Trent says until he sees that the project is not going through his farm in writing, he will keep going full steam ahead. He tells Chad CSX has told people he knows if he’ll stop leading the fight against the project, they’ll cut his farm out of the plan. Chad asks if this has moved his wedding date up. He says it hasn’t yet. You can show your support by going to their Facebook page, Fight for the Farm.

In the second hour, Senior Education Policy Analyst, Dr. Bob Luebke joins Chad. They discuss the issue of teacher pay. Bob says he thinks teachers deserve fair pay. He tells Chad the system which was revamped a few years ago treating all teachers the same. In order to develop a true and just system, Bob says each school system should be given block grants so they could decide which instructors truly deserve raises and which do not. With the current system, there is no incentive to be better than anyone else because everyone gets the same raises. Chad points out that block grants put the onus back on Superintendents and Principals to be managers because they know their staff. Chad asks Bob who in the legislature would champion this cause. Bob says that’s a good question since many lawmakers would hesitate to back it knowing lobbying groups will be knocking down their door. Bob says there is no one to carry the torch forward on this cause right now, but he doesn’t think this should stop the issue from being pushed forward.

Finally, Chad discusses an AP story which has been denied by Senator Richard Burr’s office, that he said he would endorse Bernie Sanders before he endorsed Ted Cruz. AP is not backing down on the story’s accuracy. Oh, and there’s snow and ice heading our way. Do you have your bread and milk yet?

We hope to be with you live tomorrow, but no matter what, we’ll have a great show for you. Stay safe and warm!

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