21 Jul

What Matters for Thursday, July 21, 2016

“I was not a Cruz supporter at the beginning, but when he became the nominee, I was behind him 100%.” That’s what House Majority Leader Mike Hager tells Mark about Donald Trump and the Republican National Convention. He adds he thinks Mr. Cruz may have his own agenda, but at this point in the game, the only other choice is Hillary Clinton and that is not acceptable. Majority Leader Hager says for his constituents, Donald Trump’s message resonates with blue collar workers. He adds he’s disappointed he had to leave early and miss the actual acceptance of the Republican nomination by Mr. Trump. Mark segues into the accomplishments from the last session. He says he was very pleased with what they were able to do for teachers, state employees and retirees. Mark asks about the combined bills that were not passed. Major Leader Hager says like the West Virginia Turnpike he just went through and paid a $2 toll, there was just a little too much put into one bill to be passed without proper consideration of each issue.

Then, North Carolina Republican Party Delegate, Anne Stokes, joins Mark. She attended the convention and decided to leave early. She says she needs a little more time before she can make a decision about whether she will vote for Donald Trump. She says everyone should get the opportunity to become a delegate and attend a convention if they can. When asked if not voting for Trump is an automatic vote for Hillary, Anne counters by asking if not voting for Hillary is an automatic vote for Trump. She says she will be working to get all of our other Republican candidates elected or re-elected as the case may be.

In the second hour, Civitas Executive Vice President Brian Balfour joins Mark. He shares the details of a new study that finds the state’s renewable portfolio standard will not only increase how much you pay for electricity over the next four years, but cost the state up to 50,000 jobs. Brian says the increase to electric costs will rise by over 40% if something is not done to eliminate the renewable portfolio standard mandate. He stresses renewable energy is not a bad thing, it just shouldn’t be funded on the back of the consumer.

Then, Time Warner Cable News Capital Tonight Anchor, Tim Boyum, describes what it was like to have Donald Trump walk right behind the North Carolina delegation (and where he was standing) as Ted Cruz began to wrap up his controversial speech. He says this has been one of the most interesting conventions he has ever attended. He tells Mark he spoke with former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich, who told him tonight’s speech by Trump would be one of the most important speeches of the campaign. Mark asks if he’ll go off script. Tim says you never know, especially if the crowd responds to something he says about Hillary Clinton.

Finally, Civitas Communications Director Demi Dowdy joins Mark. They delve into why Republicans are not reaching the millennial generation as effectively as Democrats. Demi explains the GOP has not done their homework when it comes to getting the correct message out to her generation. Mark asks about using social media platforms. Demi says in the last eight years, the GOP still hasn’t embraced the full capacity of social media. Want to know what millennials are thinking, listen to this segment.

4th Congressional District Candidate and NC Delegate Sue Googe, Time Warner Cable News Anchor Tim Boyum and Associate Professor of Political Science at Davidson College Dr. Susan Roberts join us tomorrow.

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