28 Jul

What Matters for Thursday, July 28, 2016

“Hillary Clinton has to close the deal tonight. How much will she put the olive branch out for Bernie Sanders’ supporters and unite the Democratic party remains to be seen.” That’s what Time Warner Cable News Capital Tonight Anchor Tim Boyum says needs to happen at the Democratic National Convention tonight. He tells Mark the most powerful moment of the evening was when President Obama symbolically passed the baton to Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. He says the noise level when Hillary appeared on stage at the end of the President’s speech was louder than he has ever experienced (and he’s been at some pretty loud events).

Next, WBTV Investigative Reporter, Nick Ochsner, explains what happened in the alleged scandal with Rep. Charles Jeter voting in South Carolina and North Carolina. It boils down to getting a reporter doing his job correctly but being given incorrect information from others who were supposed to check when there are discrepancies in public records. Next, Mark asks about a who paid whom story involving a federal Hatch complaint filed by former Supreme Court Justice Robert Orr which accused New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and the economic development agency, Empire State Development of violating state and federal law by using public funds to pay for an ad that crossed the line from economic development into political advocacy. Nick tells Mark Judge Orr told the Wall Street Journal he did not file the complaint in connection with Governor McCrory’s administration or re-election campaign. Subsequent documents however allegedly show the document was prepared by an attorney at the  law firm paid by the Governor’s campaign during the 2015-2016 election cycle. So what is going on? Listen and find out what else was uncovered during this investigation.

In the second hour, Civitas Senior Education Policy Analyst, Dr. Bob Luebke, discusses the real numbers associated with education funding in our state. Mark starts the conversation saying very tongue in cheek how we’re going to see fewer school busses on the road in a few weeks because the “greedy Republicans” won’t allocate enough money to properly fund education. Bob has written an article titled “Getting Past the Rhetoric: Republicans Democrats and Education Funding” breaking down the real numbers on education funding in North Carolina. Talking about education is always fascinating with Dr. Bob Luebke, so you’ll want to listen to this interview and get informed.

Finally, Dr. Robert Moffitt, Senior Fellow with the Heritage Foundation’s Center for Health Policy Studies discusses how Obamacare has not saved money on health coverage, instead it’s raised the cost. Mark mentions how a subsidy his daughter had received on her coverage while doing missions work for part of 2015, but because she lived at home for more than six months and they were honest on their tax return, they had to pay the amount she was subsidized back to the government. Dr. Moffitt says the Affordable Care Act has really been a mess, especially the subsidy program. Mark asks about the logic behind the push for Medicaid expansion in North Carolina. Dr. Moffitt says the Governor and lawmakers have been right in not trusting the federal government to be a reliable business partner. He says in many states it’s gotten so bad that Medicaid spending is exceeding education spending. Mark asks if there will be an easy way to get rid of Obamacare or if we are stuck with it. Dr. Moffitt says the exchanges are already going away, this thing is not doing well and lawmakers are already looking at how to transition out of it. This is an enlightening interview on what has gone wrong with Obamacare.

Civitas Election Policy Analyst Susan Myrick and Associate Professor of Political Science & Director of the Survey Research Center at High Point University Dr. Martin J. Kifer among others will join us tomorrow.

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