26 May

What Matters for Thursday, May 26, 2016

It was the physical loss of a father. That’s what columnist and author Denise Shick tells Mark she felt at the age of nine when her Dad told her he no longer wanted to be a man. She explains how difficult it was going through puberty knowing her father wanted to be like her instead of who God made him. Mark asks if they were able to reconcile before his death. Denise says after 13 years of being apart, she spent the last six months with him, trying to understand his point of view. Mark asks if she was able to be at peace after his death. She says she made peace with her loss and prayed that he finally gained some sort of sanity as well. This is a great interview you need to hear and share as the HB2 issue continues to rage on.

Next, WBTV Investigative Reporter Nick Ochsner joins Mark. They delve into his story about the use of the private state plane by the Governor. Nick says the Governor took more than 300 flights of which 100 were deemed unnecessary. Nick says other Governors have also used the plane in a similar manner, so Governor McCrory’s usage is not an anomaly. Nick also got a chance to tour a coal ash basin. He tells Mark it looked very much like a park.

In the second hour, Civitas Senior Education Analyst, Dr. Bob Luebke joins Mark. They delve into the Senate’s recommended teacher pay increase proposal. Bob says they made a bold statement with bringing pay up to $55,000 over two-years. He says he was disappointed they didn’t tie it to a merit-based pay scale. They also discuss the positives and negatives of pay plans.

Finally, Mark speaks to West Virginia University Associate Professor of Journalism and author, John Temple. His tells Mark about his book, “American Pain.” It tells the story of how alleged pain clinics in Florida helped contribute to the opioid addiction crisis in America. He tells Mark the areas to see the biggest rise in addiction were in Appalachia – where there is little access to healthcare and most jobs are blue collar. Mark asks how you go from painkillers to heroin. John says the two drugs are fairly interchangeable; it’s just heroin is cheaper and easier to acquire.

Senate Pro Tem Phil Berger, Daily Signal Editor-in-Chief Rob Bluey, WeatherBELL Meteorologist Joe Bastardi, Time Warner Cable News Capital Tonight Anchor Tim Boyum and Former Managing Director Bastiat Society Eric Rowell join us tomorrow.

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