22 Oct

What Matters for Thursday, October 22, 2015

It’s a kinder, gentler “What Matters” today. Chad starts by telling listeners, “We hear you.” He addresses some feedback he’s received saying as a host, he wants to disseminate information and focus on issues. He’ll leave the hosts of national shows to be spiteful and take on individuals. Then, Forsyth & Yadkin County Senator Joyce Krawiec joins Chad to discuss SB676 which was signed into law this week by the Governor. It requires insurers to cover the treatment of autism spectrum disorder in the same manner physical illnesses are covered. Senator Krawiec tells Chad a story about a young man she met with whose family had the means to give him treatment early in life. He’s now a student at Vanderbilt University. She tells Chad she was against mandates, but felt if the insurance coverage provided to state employees paid for treatments, all insurers should as well. And, as she pointed out to her peers in the Senate, autism has been redefined as a physical and not mental condition. Chad says the bill helps give peace of mind to families across the state and brings us more in line with other states who have already implemented similar legislation. Chad then asks about recent comments on incentives by state leaders. The Senator tells Chad she doesn’t like incentives. One of her alternatives for incentives is to protect our state’s businesses. She put forward the Foreign Judgements Bill that says companies in North Carolina cannot be sued in foreign courts.

In the second hour, Onslow & Pender County Representative Chris Millis joins Chad to share how Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton has called him out for his Protect North Carolina Workers Act. Clinton says the legislation is “simply unacceptable.” Rep. Millis explains how passage of the bill enhances North Carolina’s ability to handle immigration issues like “sanctuary cities” and the harms associated with invalid forms of identification (like voter fraud). Chad asks his thoughts on the recent decisions by some of his fellow lawmakers to not run for re-election. Rep. Millis agrees that the long session probably had a lot to do with their choice. Chad thinks next year we’ll see a spirited debate over Democrat and Republican instead of conservative and liberal which he’d prefer. Rep. Millis agrees. Chad asks what he would like his and his conservative contemporaries to accomplish that they didn’t this budgetary session. Rep. Millis says if he’s limiting it to the budget, then the most important measure is continuing to drive down tax rates for individuals.

And, did you know there’s a city in Norway that wants to ban cars entirely? Officials are pushing to do so in downtown Oslo. It’s all part of a pledge to reduce those horrible greenhouse gases.

News14’s Tim Boyum joins us tomorrow.

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