29 Oct

What Matters for Thursday, October 29, 2015

Carolina Plott Hound’s Paul Chesser hosts for Chad today. His first guest is Tami Fitzgerald, Executive Director of North Carolina Values Coalition. She and Paul start by discussing how difficult it was watching the Planned Parenthood videos that have caused national outrage over funding the organization. Tami tells Paul even after the videos were made public, it was still difficult to get oversight of the clinics. Tami tells Paul how they helped get wording into legislation that required abortion clinics be inspected by the state. Prior to a bill being passed this legislative session, there were no inspection requirements on the 17 abortion clinics in the state. Paul asks Tami about the lack of support by the Attorney General to defend Amendment One after the Supreme Court nullified it and other state’s marriage amendments. She says the Attorney General did nothing to defend Amendment One. They are asking the legislature to consider the First Amendment Defense Act.

Next, Paul talks to Civitas Election Policy Expert Susan Myrick. She tells him about the changes to the Voter Identification Verification Act which originally included requiring a valid i.d. to cast a ballot. The law went into effect with the voter i.d. requirement going into effect in 2016. So, as Susan lays out, the 2014 primary went well with the law in effect. This was when several groups filed an injunction against the provisions of the law. Paul asked Susan if removing this i.d. provision gutted the intent of the law. She says it took it back to the way it was prior to 2013. Also, Susan clarifies provisional ballots are always counted, not just when a race is close. Paul asks Susan about the revamped “Mapping the Left” website. She tells him how the website works by showing how left-leaning groups are related, funded and their governing boards.

Paul speaks to Agent Pierce of AgentPiercesaid.com about everything. Agent Pierce doesn’t hesitate to speak his mind about any topic. He tells Paul about his trip to Chapel Hill and seeing a Bernie Sanders bumper sticker on a Prius. This was leading into the discussion about the Board of Governors and choice of Margaret Spellings as President. You’ll be fully entertained (and informed) by this segment.

Staying in the realm of education, Paul speaks to Jenna Robinson, President and Executive Director of the John W. Pope Center for Higher Education. Jenna tells Paul how generous the state has been in funding the 17-campus UNC system which helps keep tuition lower than it is in most states. She adds the return on investment from higher education is not what it used to be. Paul asks how the BOG’s acceptance of Margaret Spellings is going. Jenna tells him the meeting today was quite smooth. Jenna describes to Paul some ways the UNC system could run more efficiently like optimizing unused classrooms and labs instead of constructing new facilities.

Chad will be back in studio tomorrow when we’ll be speaking with Congressman Walter Jones and News14’s Tim Boyum.

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