24 Sep

What Matters for Thursday, September 24, 2015

Civitas President Francis De Luca is filling in for Chad on the show today and tomorrow. Francis gives us an update on the legislation that has been passed since the budget has been passed. For example, a farm bill that has nothing to do with farms. Next, Education Analyst and Blogger A.P. Dillon is in studio to discuss the failures of the common core curriculum – like the ability to do basic math. Keeping with the topic of education, Director of Education with the Goldwater Institute, Jonathan Butcher talks education savings accounts with Francis. Jonathan explains how ESA’s can be crucial to families on limited incomes that may not be able to have a choice in their child’s education without this assistance. Francis asks what the advantages are for a parent when it comes to selecting a private school, charter school, tutor and/or special needs therapist or instructor for which ESA’s can be used. Jonathan explains the accounts, depending on how lawmakers set them up, can be extremely flexible. The accounts can even be used to pay for a child to take college classes either online or on campus. It’s a chance to learn a lot about how you can give a child the best education possible at the lowest out-of-pocket cost to the taxpayer.

In the second hour, Cato Institute Senior Fellow Randal O’Toole joins Francis to discuss what’s not so smart about the concept of “Smart Growth.” Randal explains that in many cities, areas are rezoned so that if something happens to a home you rightfully own, you may not be allowed to rebuild it because of how it is no longer zoned for private property. Francis asks about high density housing. Randal explains that urban planners claim it promotes fair housing, but it’s more akin to unfair housing. Randal says he thinks zoning laws should be eliminated. Instead he feels deed restrictions and home owner associations can be used instead. He cites Houston as an example of how this is used effectively.

Finally, Francis wraps up the show by explaining what liberals have been doing with talking points and social media that have advanced their causes – something conservatives need to learn quickly if we want to be back in a majority seat any time soon. And he gets an update on the latest cases being acted on by Civitas Center for Law & Freedom Staff Attorney Elliot Engstrom.

On tomorrow’s show, we learn what environmentalism has to do with education from the President of Environmentalists for Effective Education and NCSU Associate Professor Dr. Bart Danielsen and News14’s Tim Boyum stops by, too.

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