25 Aug

What Matters for Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Looks like another month without a budget. Chad tells us about the clock on Carolina Plott Hound that will keep running until the compromise committee finally agrees on how to distribute the $21.74 billion budget. He also shares how no one is identified in an article stating the GOP in North Carolina is trying to keep Donald Trump off the ballot. The article, released on multiple media outlets, set the party on the warpath to make sure it was clear and in fact, it’s the law, if Mr. Trump wins the primary, he will be on the ballot. Next up, Chad speaks with District 37 Representative Paul Stam. The Wake County Republican talks about his feelings concerning proposed changes to the lottery. Rep. Stam says additional ads and online tickets just make a bad situation worse and goes so far as to say the increase in advertising is really just a $30 million tax increase. He also thinks lottery advertising dollars should not be increased. Instead, he feels ads for the lottery should be truthful and not deceptive.

Joining Chad in the second hour is Americans for Prosperity Chapter President Don Bryson. He and Chad discuss a diverse range of topics including naming some of the Republican Senators who support solar subsidies. Some of those named include Senator Rabon and Senator Tillman. Bryson tells Chad that over the next few months, AFP will be focused on getting out their message, knocking on doors and spreading the word.

Finally, Chad ends the show comparing how a handful of states will decide the next president.  Scary, isn’t it?

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