15 Dec

What Matters for Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The legislature may have dismissed a few months ago, but there are still lots of shenanigans going on between members of at least one chamber. Chad shares more stories about what is going on across the state including the issue with Rep. Cecil Brockman and allegations of racism by State Troopers.

Next, NCSU Political Science Professor Dr. Andrew Taylor discusses the last GOP debate of the year. He begins by telling Chad the first difference in tonight’s debate is that the dynamics have changed. Chad asks why there’s a difference with the negatives between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton which are higher than those between the GOP candidates. Dr. Taylor explains Trump’s negatives are so high, even within his own party, that his road forward will be very difficult. Chad asks why it seems no matter what he says or who he offends, he keeps gaining support. Dr. Taylor says, “What’s going to be fun is to see where Trump’s support comes from.” Chad compares this year’s race to the race in 1980 which had eight candidates. Dr. Taylor tells Chad another interesting point is voters thinking of Hillary Clinton versus Donald Trump when it comes to casting their ballot. Dr. Taylor says he now thinks it will be social conservative establishment types like Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio and Donald Trump at the end. Chad questions why Hillary Clinton has maintained such a strong backing even through her husband’s affairs, the Benghazi debacle, Whitewater and other scandals. Dr. Taylor thinks it’s become almost a coronation effect that we’ve seen before with others like Reagan, Bush, Romney, and Dole. He concludes though unless something drastic happens tonight, there will be a break until January 8th and then there’s only a few weeks until the first primary. This is a great discussion! Listen twice.

AFP State Director Donald Bryson joins Chad in the second hour. Chad starts out by asking Donald about the why he’s agreeing with Gary Pearce about the town of Woodland and their decision to reject another solar farm. Donald explains that while both Pearce and Carter Wrenn have not gotten behind rural communities, he was inclined to agree with his opinion on this issue. Chad segues into AFP’s naughty and nice list trying to get a hint as to who will be on each. Donald gives a few names that might make the list including Senator Josh Stein, Rep. Joe Sam Queen, Rep. Chris Millis, and Rep. Mike Hager. Hmm…can you guess who is naughty and who is nice? I bet you can.

Finally, Chad shares a story about falling stock prices for a popular western North Carolina grocery store. He says lawmakers in those areas should be concerned if the chain closes because this will affect the economies in those regions.

Carolina Plott Hound’s Paul Chesser joins us tomorrow and hopefully, a very special surprise guest.

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