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What Matters for Tuesday, December 22, 2015

How does your perception of a person change when their actions don’t match their words? Chad starts the show discussing the stress of the season. He marvels at how quickly time passed while shopping for gifts yesterday. Chad touches on why Mark Otto, the man running against incumbent Rep. David Rouzer, decided to enter the race. It came down to one issue – his vote FOR the $1.1 trillion omnibus spending bill.

Next, Republican candidate for State Treasurer Dale Folwell is in studio. Chad tells him how relaxed he looks. Dale says running unopposed is great, and as he sees social media across the state, he’s “feeling the love.” He also explains why the job of Treasurer is about more than just being a good accountant. Dale says some of the most important responsibilities of Treasurer is maintaining the Triple-A rating, maintaining and growing the state’s pension plan, and keeping the state health plan viable. Part of the problem comes from abuse and fraud, as Dale tells Chad, but that has to be found and stopped. Chad asks Dale how he’ll get people to pay attention to the Treasurer’s race. He tells Chad he’ll associate Dale and the number three (and if you don’t get that, you ain’t from here). Chad asks if the current state retirement system is sustainable. Dale tells him times have changed in the work world. Based on how younger workers change jobs, under the current plan, they are penalized if they leave before they have worked for more than five to ten years. Dale points out that running for Treasurer is akin to applying for a job. If voters don’t like what he has to say, they won’t vote for him just like if an employer doesn’t think you’re the appropriate candidate for a job, they won’t offer you the job.

In the second hour, AFP’s Donald Bryson joins Chad for the last time this year. Chad asks Donald what AFP will focus on next year. Donald says trying to end solar subsidies and continuing their work to stop the renewable energy mandate. Chad asks Donald if AFP nationally was disappointed in the passage of the $1.1 trillion omnibus spending bill. Donald tells him they weren’t happy with it, but they did like parts of it. For example, changes in oil trading regulations. Chad shares his disgust with Duke Energy on the renewable portfolio standard every time he opens the bill for one pole that lights basically a “turkey shoot once a year.” When asked what AFP should be thankful for this year, Donald tells Chad educational freedom, the expiration of the renewable energy tax credit, and two other items. What’s on their wish list? One on Donald’s list is keeping the short session short.

Finally, NASA is rethinking the causes of climate change as they see heavy industrialized areas are actually cooling over time. And, what do you think takes more lives – guns, drugs or automobiles? You might be surprised how that statistic has changed over the past few decades.

Carolina Plott Hound’s Paul Chesser joins us tomorrow for the last live show of the year.



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