26 Jul

What Matters for Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The Democratic National Convention is well underway and one person who knows the democratic presidential candidate better than most is author of “Crisis of Character: A White House Secret Service Officer Discloses his Firsthand Experience with Hillary, Bill and How They Operate”, by Gary J. Byrne. He tells Mark you can’t believe anything the Clinton’s say. He recalls the first time he heard about this unknown Arkansas Governor. He says the person told him this couple would do anything to win and they would because they were known as “the Arkansas Mafia.” You should listen to this discussion which touches on the death of Deputy White House Counsel Vince Foster, secret email servers, thrown lamps and President Clinton’s alleged black eye and why we shouldn’t believe a word that comes out of Hillary Clinton’s mouth. Really.

Next, Super-delegate to DNC from Asheville, NC, Jake Quinn, joins Mark from Philadelphia. He describes how he became a super-delegate in 2012 and the excitement he’s feeling at the convention this year. Mark asks about his support of Bernie Sanders and if North Carolina’s Sanders delegates will now back Hillary Clinton. Mr. Quinn says Sanders’ supporters are all grieving in their own way. He says he’s telling them to vote for Debra Ross for Senate because Sanders wants to be the Senate’s Chief Budget Writer and Ross winning the seat from Senator Richard Burr will all but guarantee that will happen. He says it’s also quite a commute from where the NC delegation is located to the Wells Fargo Center.

In the second hour, AFP State Director Donald Bryson joins us from the field as he goes door to door in southern Wake County talking about important issues for North Carolinians. Mark asks about the Defending the Dream conference which takes place over the Labor Day weekend. The cost for the conference and hotel is only $35, but space is limited. Mark asks him about occupational licensure and the bills to eliminate them. Donald says the bill was not passed, but fees were raised for some boards which is not what they want. He points out that they don’t think all licenses should be eliminated, but there are some that are unnecessary. He says they are continuing to fight to have the need for certain licenses eliminated because AFP feels they are not necessary and are keeping the economy from growing at a time when jobs are needed.

Next, Time Warner Cable News Capital Tonight Anchor, Tim Boyum, tells us about the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. He says a key difference between the two conventions is the number of people attending. Tim describes how he went out on the floor for some of the key moments in Cleveland, but when he tried to do so last night in Philadelphia, he couldn’t move because of the number of people. He says the crowd seemed most riveted by First Lady Michelle Obama’s speech. We only get to spend a few minutes with Tim, but every one we do get is a gem. You’ll love this peek behind the scenes at the Democratic National Convention.

Finally, weekly columnist for the New York Post and former Wall Street Journal editor and author of six books, most recently “The New Trail of Tears: How Washington Is Destroying American Indians, Naomi Schaefer Riley, shares how the plight of the American Indian is similar to the failed liberal agenda. She explains American Indians have been taught to live off the Government so they don’t know how to do anything else. Ms. Riley says the only schools allowed on the reservations are public schools where charter schools would benefit them much more. Mark asks if President Clinton will be able to bring party unity when he said in 1996 the era of big government is over. Ms. Riley says hopefully they won’t ask him that because it’s definitely not President Clinton’s Democratic Party anymore. Mark asks if she thinks Sanders supporters will silence their “boo’s” when Hillary speaks Thursday. Ms. Riley says she doubts it. This is a great interview drawing parallels between two issues you wouldn’t think could be comparable.

NC Democratic Party Communications Director Dave Miranda and Time Warner Cable News Capital Tonight Anchor Tim Boyum are just some of the guests we have on the show tomorrow.

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