28 Jul

What Matters for Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Tuesday was chock full of news. Chad started the show with the news about the resignation of DOT Secretary Tony Tata, then moved to the hubbub over Monday’s tweet by the head of the state Republican party. Chad also read the letter written by State NAACP Chapter President William Barber to Governor McCrory. It asks for a meeting with the Governor to discuss creating a bill to ban the sale of Sons of Confederate Veterans license plates and other issues he’d like seen passed, both left- and right-leaning.

In hour two, Don Bryson, North Carolina Deputy State Director of Americans for Prosperity, was in studio. Don says AFP has five key issues on which they focus: Certificate of Need, Spending Controls, Tax Cuts, the Renewable Portfolio Standard, and Renewable Energy Tax Credits. Chad and Don also discussed the upcoming Defending the American Dream Summit in Columbus, Ohio in August. Chad will be broadcasting live from the event. If you want to attend, registration runs through this Friday. Chad concluded the show sharing remarks from the Governor’s office on the budget surplus and how he wants to utilize the extra funds.

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