24 May

What Matters for Tuesday, May 24, 2016

When you have that big of a bureaucracy, you’re going to have some issues. That was what the newly appointed Asst. Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Sgt. James Prosser tells Mark about issues veterans have faced in the past that they are trying to work through. Sgt. Prosser says it also takes time to turn around problems and money to fund changes Congress makes in veterans coverage. Sgt. Prosser describes the NC Serves program which is a platform allowing many different organizations that are available to assist veterans to be seen in one online system helping streamline the process of assisting those who have served our country. He says there are many different programs for various veterans depending on when they served. Sgt. Prosser tells Mark veterans can learn more about services available in our state by going to www.NC4VETS.com.

Next, Belhaven Mayor Adam O’Neal joins Mark. He describes the latest on their efforts to reopen a local hospital. He says the hospital was started with money raised by school children. Mayor O’Neal explains the town paid $30,000 for an audit on the hospital. It showed the hospital was overstaffed and inefficient, but it could be profitable. He says they’re having to watch the property to make sure the building is not torn down, but they are willing to do whatever it takes to save lives.

And, Pastor Gabe Rogers who leads the Kingdom Christian Church in Charlotte was part of a group of faith leaders that spoke out in favor of HB2 today. Pastor Rogers tells Mark before HB2 passed, he led a group from his church to rally at Charlotte’s City Hall to let the members of the city council know they didn’t agree with the original ordinance. Mark asks Pastor Rogers his opinion how we got here. Pastor Rogers said he had said that many times. We’ve gotten here through the lowering of morality. He says the President has overreached his authority and America has a sin problem. Pastor Rogers questions how you can even police this ordinance. Pastor Rogers says any man worth his salt would take a pause if they saw a man following their daughter into a restroom.

In the second hour, State Director of Generation Opportunity, Anna Beavon, joins Mark. She describes the organization’s mission as one to advance policy change, hold policymakers accountable, fights for opportunity and defends the freedoms of young Americans. Anna tells Mark millennials who are defined as anyone between the ages of 18-34, will vote in the next 14 presidential elections. She tells Mark her generation has already created change to traditional hospitality, retail and travel industries with Uber, Lift, Airbnb’s, and online marketplaces.

Carolina Plott Hound’s Paul Chesser joins us tomorrow.

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