31 May

What Matters for Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Should he change his ways? That’s the question Mark asks NCSU Political Science Professor Dr. Andrew Taylor about presumptive Republican Presidential nominee, Donald Trump. Dr. Taylor says there may be a war within himself on whether he can change at this point. He says a lot will depend on who he picks as his running mate and he’ll need to lean on his surrogates to soften his image. Dr. Taylor says Ms. Clinton will need to do the same thing. Mark asks what Trump will need to do to sway Ohio – a key state historically in winning the overall election. Dr. Taylor says state’s with heavy demographics of blue collar workers may provide some help from their Republican governors. However, some traditional right-leaning states like Arizona and Georgia could move left. Mark questions Trump’s stance on building a wall and the Hispanic vote. Dr. Taylor says the Hispanic vote could play a big role in this election. He explains Republicans thought Hispanics would be firmly right-leaning since many are Catholic, but that hasn’t been the case. Mark asks about Hillary Clinton. Dr. Taylor says interestingly enough, Clinton is the one heading into a messy convention instead of Trump. Mark asks is bringing on Senator Elizabeth Warren would help. Dr. Taylor says this would make her “target rich,” something she doesn’t want. She may be a good person to go after Trump as a surrogate and party unifier for Clinton.

Next, Conservative Review Senior Editor Daniel Horowitz joins Mark. He says democrats are winning 50 year culture battles in 50 days. He says the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals and the Obama Administration are fighting against a state, which is unheard of; and, to have no one in the Republican party from our state stand up and declare, “This will not be done. There is a difference between men and women,” is atrocious. Mr. Horowitz says every citizen should consider what their member of Congress has done or not done before they cast their ballot in November. He says the fight is pretty tough when no one is backing us up. Mark asks how we got here. Mr. Horowitz says Obama ushered in a new era where there was little pushback from Republicans on major social issues. He says this past election has shown that incumbents will still be elected even when they support or don’t fight issues like HB2. He says what Republicans are doing is not working because there is no equal or opposing force (think Einstein) pushing back against legislation. Mark asks if the courts will do anything in favor of HB2. Mr. Horowitz says absolutely not.

In the second hour, Joseph Kyzer, AFP NC’s Communications Director, joins Mark. Mark asks him about a recent congressional debate involving Congresswoman Renee Ellmers, Dr. Greg Brannon and Congressman George Holding. Joe agrees WRAL’s anchor, David Crabtree, seemed to be more of a participant than an anchor. He says AFP is not supporting any particular candidate, but they are encouraging citizens to NOT vote for Congresswoman Ellmers because of her lack of integrity during her tenure. Joe also talks about last week’s efforts that had all the staff knocking on doors to inform as many people as possible about the upcoming congressional primary and issues of importance to all North Carolinians.

Finally, Director of Advocacy, Policy, and Legislation with the NC Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers, Kay Castillo, joins Mark. They discuss legislation being put forward in the short session that they are hoping to get passed. This includes bills to help seniors and caregivers, victims of PTSD and suicide prevention.

MPAA Senior Vice President of Government Affairs Vans Stevenson, Carolina Plott Hound’s Paul Chesser, and candidate for Treasurer and former state Rep. Dale Folwell join us tomorrow.

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