29 Nov

What Matters for Tuesday, November 29, 2016

On today’s show Mark speaks with Rep. John Bell, House Majority Leader, about the results of the election, specifically how the North Carolina House maintained its super majority when many pundits said they would not. Also, Mark asks John why he thinks Gov. Pat McCrory has apparently not been successful in the midst of the Republican wave of victories. Also Mark and John look forward at what to expect in the next legislative session on issues such as further tax reform, helping the victims of Hurricane Matthew and the wildfires, and working with possibly a Democrat in Roy Cooper as governor. In the second part of the hour Mark talks with Dr. Catherine Chew, former president of Craven Community College and currently an executive consultant with Yellow Cape Communications in Charlotte, on her “Viewpoint” piece in the Charlotte Observer, “I’m an Educated Woman and I Backed Trump. Here’s Why.” Catherine says that she was a “closet” Donald Trump supporter initially, but has spoken out to show that Trump’s support was not merely working-class white males, with no advanced education. Listen in to find out what swayed her to Trump.


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