27 Oct

What Matters for Tuesday, October 27, 2015

AFP State Director Don Bryson hosts the show for Chad today. Don discusses his favorite parts of the state and reveals Bryson City, North Carolina was named for his family. He explains how unaffordable the Affordable Care Act continues to be. Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina recently announced they will be hiking rates again this year. Next up, Don speaks to the pastor of First Baptist Church in Charlotte, Dr. Mark Harris. He is speaking with Les Lawrence as part of the ICON Lecture Series on what we can do to keep Christianity from being eliminated in the world. Dr. Harris tells Don how in some places, the rule is, “If you don’t check your religion at the door, you might as well leave.” It’s a great discussion about what is happening to Christians around the world.

In the second hour, Don talks to Americans for Prosperity Vice President of Government Affairs Brent Gardner. Brent tells Don incoming House Speaker Paul Ryan doesn’t like the recently passed budget bill. He says it’s not the way he’d do business, but that doesn’t help the American people. He tells Don the inside scoop on happenings in Congress and what AFP is doing to make sure all Americans stay informed about the issues. Don asks what his office will tackle during the election cycle. Brent says they are trying to make sure people are talking about policy which is far more important than just personality when they go to make their choice for who will run the nation the next four years. Don agrees how important the distinction is between registering as a Republican and being a Conservative.

Finally, Don speaks to State House Majority Leader Representative Mike Hager. Rep. Hager describes how Renewable Energy Subsidies raise the prices on state-made goods several times over. Don jokes that he’s often said a great way to create jobs is to have everyone in the state buy a bottle of “Texas Pete,” which is made in Winston-Salem. Don asks what he’s looking for in the short session. He says they have to get back to the basics of what the state is supposed to do and not all the other non-Conservative issues that do nothing to protect our citizens or educate our children more effectively.

Chad is back tomorrow talking education savings accounts with Civitas Education Policy Expert Bob Luebke.

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