22 Sep

What Matters for Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Do you think the government is an immediate threat? Chad shares that a new Gallup poll indicates from a third to half of all Americans do. What does that say about our leadership? Next, Chad speaks with AFP State President Don Bryson. They discuss CON legislation being debated currently in the House. Don says one of the big accomplishments was changes to the state’s tax structure. Chad adds that lowering the corporate tax rate provides much more enticement to businesses to come to our state than incentives. Don says he wishes our state’s leaders would realize that fact. Don also tells Chad about the expansion of AFP in other cities across the state.

In the second hour, Chad shares an opinion piece in the Fayetteville Observer titled, “Ideologues punish renewable energy’s success.” The author blasts lawmakers who are allowing renewable-energy tax credits to expire.  Chad also talks about what’s not being said about the VW emissions scandal. VW received millions in tax credits for clean-air “cheating devices.” And would you ride in a driverless car? The Netherlands is implementing Wii Pods that can transport up to eight people. Chad thinks they will be a great idea as the technology develops.

On tomorrow’s show, Carolina Plott Hound Co-founder Paul Chesser and we hope to reschedule District 40 Representative Marilyn Avila.

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