29 Sep

What Matters for Tuesday, September 29, 2015

As the General Assembly finally winds down its session, the list of befuddling legislation grows. And, it’s National Coffee Day to boot. Chad definitely got his free cup of joe right before the show started because he is wound-up. He goes through bills being discussed related to deer farming, charter school funding, and sex ed/local government provisions. He shares a quote from one Republican lawmaker that says we won’t know everything we passed until about two weeks after session has ended. Chad questions why an elected official would pass a bill they hadn’t read. That’s a very good question.

In the second hour, American for Prosperity State Director Don Bryson joins Chad. They marvel at the legislation being scurried through the GA right now. Don says he wishes all the lawmakers would go home. Chad agrees. Chad and Don discuss the metamorphosis of HB373. A caller from Caldwell County reads a response she received from her legislator when she questioned the details of the bill. Don tells Chad about the expansion AFP is undergoing (if you’re a conservative and looking for a job – check their website).

Chad closes out the show with an update on the deer farming bill. It seems North Carolina will now have deer farms under the regulation of the Agriculture Department. And why would we want a hookworm? Seems they may be related to autoimmune disease. While still a hypothesis, the worms may have actually been keeping some diseases at bay for thousands of years. It’s icky, but true. And finally, there are some great facts on coffee in honor of National Coffee Day and Chad’s Dad, Tom.

On tomorrow’s show we have Carolina Plott Hound Co-founder Paul Chesser.

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