27 Apr

What Matters for Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The constitutionality of proving your identity to cast a ballot is no longer in question. Mark opens the show speaking with Civitas Elections Policy Expert, Susan Myrick, about the decision handed down by Judge Thomas Schroeder this week. Susan explains she was in the courtroom for the first of the VIVA testimony and wondered sometimes if the Judge was grasping all he was hearing, but then he’d ask a quite complex question. She adds his lengthy decision really clarified any remaining questions that should’ve remained over the issue. Mark asks about people voting out of precinct and why this would happen. Susan explains that the primary groups filing suits over voter id and other issues generally want to create chaos in the system; the judge’s ruling makes it more difficult to do so. She says there were always safety nets for people who never had any form of identification and even before requiring id to vote was discussed.

Next, Carolina Plott Hound’s Paul Chesser joins Mark. Mark asks Paul about a Campus Christian group at NC State who is suing the school with the help of a national Christian organization. They allege discriminatory practices between what different religious groups are allowed to do on campus when talking about their faith. They also delve into the problem Congressional candidates are facing with no decision on which district they will actually be running in with the June 7th primary rapidly approaching.

In the second hour, Meredith College Professor of Political Science Dr. David McLennon joins Mark. They delve into the results from Tuesday’s primaries in Vermont, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Delaware. Mark asks if Trump can be stopped now with his overwhelming victories Tuesday. Dr. McLennon says it’s going to be difficult. He is still saying controversial things, but yet still dominates the news cycle. He explains it’s a very complex electorate between veterans frustration over the inability to get an appointment at a VA hospital to college students frustration over establishment candidates. Mark asks about Ted Cruz’s announcement of Carly Fiorina as a running mate. Dr. McLennon says this is unheard of from someone who has not been declared the nominee, and, he doesn’t think it will do him much good in the remaining primaries. Mark asks why Hillary remains on top even with scandal on top of scandal. Dr. McLennon says sociologists call it cognitive dissonance – the ability to disassociate negative acts from the person that does them. What groups will propel the eventual nominees to victory? That will come down to who the nominee is and what happens in the world between now and then.

Finally, Mark shares Senator Buck Newton’s response to the outrage over his comments prior to the beginning of the short session about setting our state “straight.”

WBTV Investigative Report Nick Ochsner and Civitas Education Policy Analyst Dr. Bob Luebke join us tomorrow.

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