16 Dec

What Matters for Wednesday, December 16, 2015

When does a debate between presidential hopefuls become more of a sparring match than a genuine discussion of policy? Chad starts out the show telling you exactly what he thought of the last GOP debate of 2015 and who he felt were the clear winners and losers.

Next, Carolina Plott Hound’s Paul Chesser is in to talk all the news that’s worth a link. Paul starts out sharing a text from his wife and daughter asking if they could get a cat. Chad thinks it’s a bad idea. Producer Lisa tells him they should get two. Pau and Chad quickly move on to the important topics like the I-77 toll road dispute and how the Governor’s team is putting their foot down on the issue. They also get into Speaker’s Moore and casinos. It’s always fun when Paul is in studio.

In the second hour, Chad speaks to 47th District State Senator Ralph Hise about his call for the Office of State Controller to stop deducting dues from members of the North Carolina Association of Educators. Senator Hise tells Chad the fact the group’s refusal to release its membership numbers was a slap in the face of lawmakers and justified his call for legislation to stop dues being collected from the group. Chad asks what the latest is on the issue. Senator Hise says to change the process is “more complicated than just a flip of the switch.” Senator Hise says he doesn’t feel the state should be collecting dues for any group and has pushed legislation to eliminate the practice. He says regardless of how the Controller responds, he will continue to push for the legislation to be passed. Chad asks if he had gotten resistance from the House and he said he had. But, with the overwhelming support he’s gotten in the legislature, the legislation will move forward. Senator Hise concludes by saying what he would like to accomplish in the short session is keeping the pace in tax reform.

Finally, Chad shares how he has geeked out along with the rest of the world about the new Star Wars film. During the break, he discovered he could turn his phone into a lightsaber and rued the fact he hadn’t yet had time to download the app. On that note, “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away….”

Civitas Policy Director Brian Balfour and WBTV Investigative Reporter Nick Ochsner join us tomorrow.


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