20 Jan

What Matters for Wednesday, January 20, 2016

How do you feel when someone you support does a 180 on an issue about which you feel strongly? Chad kicks off the show sharing how many candidates – both those running for national and statewide office – are doing just that to their constituents chagrin. They’re using taxpayer funds after they get into office to push initiatives to stop global warming and keep renewable energy mandates in place.

Next, Carolina Plott Hound’s Paul Chesser has all the news that’s worth a link. Chad asks Paul if he likes the snow. Paul does not. They move quickly to a story about a restaurant in Concord that was fined for picking up road kill, chopping it up outside and then cooking it up and serving it. The meat – deer. Was it a crime? No. Can they continue doing it? No. Chad asks Paul about the CSX terminal and Congressman Rouzer pulling his initial support for the project because of information, as he stated, because of how many people are losing their land. Then there’s the Unaffordable Care Act. BCBS of North Carolina customers are seeing rate hikes of 30% and more. Chad tells Paul it’s like you’re punished for doing the right thing.

In the second hour, Insider Editor Patrick Gannon joins Chad. Pat starts by explaining the information “The Insider” provides to its readers. Pat says as part of the McClatchy Group, they focus specifically on the goings-on with state government. Chad asks Pat if it’s difficult to cover stories objectively. Pat says it is, but most reporters don’t want to be part of the story. He explains that many people who are the focus of a story want to drag reporters into making a stand on one side or another. Pat explains that covering state politics allows him to get behind the scenes at the state legislature to truly explain what is happening in any bill to readers. Chad questions Pat about the difference in writing an opinion column and writing for “The Insider.” Pat explains how different it is to take an issue and give his real thoughts on it instead of just the facts. The most recent, as Chad points out, is a statement by a lawmaker saying $30,000 has the same value no matter what county you live in. Pat (and most everyone) know that’s just not the case. He tells Chad about how the article came to fruition. This is a great insider’s look at one way news gets written.

Finally, Chad shares how a new study shows a man’s beard may be more hygienic than a man’s clean shaven face. It’s true.

Tomorrow Civitas Senior Education Policy Analyst Dr. Bob Luebke and WeatherBell Senior Meteorologist Joe Bastardi join us.

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