25 May

What Matters for Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Media wants to know about the Governor’s use of his western residence. Why? Mark discusses this with Carolina Plott Hound’s Paul Chesser. He says no other Governor has been so closely followed and watched as Gov. McCrory. Paul points out since this is a t.v. station doing the investigation, they will provide a minimal story that coincides with the reporter’s video. However, they couldn’t prove anything because there are very few records kept on the state-owned residence. Paul says he’s had to devote an entire column to the HB2 issue because of the amount of coverage.

Next, President of Americans for Prosperity Tim Phillips joins Mark. He explains why the group decided to take on Republican incumbent Congresswoman Renee Ellmers which includes reinstatement of the Import-Export Bank, the size of government, how much government spends and cronyism. Mark asks how her campaign has responded to their ads. Mr. Phillips says the group spoke to her many times prior to her re-election bid and she didn’t change the way she was voting, so she shouldn’t have been surprised over the lack of support by their group. Mark asks the feel in the rest of the country. Mr. Phillips says there is a deep resignation and distrust of both presidential candidates and major media outlets. He stresses the importance of talking about candidates and issues with friends, family and people you know because that is who they are going to listen to and trust this election cycle.

Finally, North Carolina is adding jobs at one of the fastest rates in the country. Wells Fargo Securities Analyst Mark Vitner tells Mark more people are beginning to look for work again because of the upturn in our state’s economy. Mark asks about slower growth in rural areas. Mr. Vitner says it’s harder to bring more jobs to these areas because many relied on one to two large corporations that when they close, it affects the area much harder than in larger cities. Mark asks about incentives. Mr. Vitner says they should be used judiciously. Revenues and expenditures go into how you use surpluses, explains Mr. Vitner. He says recent tax reform has brought us more in line with other states that we compete with for businesses. Mark asks what gives him pause in the state economically right now. Mr. Vitner says there are some unmet transportation needs that need to be addressed especially in and around Charlotte because of massive growth and we should find ways to extend prosperity to continue growing.

Associate Professor of Journalism and author John Temple, WBTV Investigative Report Nick Ochsner, Civitas Senior Education Policy Analyst Dr. Bob Luebke and author Denise Shick join us tomorrow.

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