18 Nov

What Matters for Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Guilt by association or rather the guilt of the leaders of some Associations is what Chad kicks off the show discussing. Chad points out how important oversight is when you’re responsible for large budgets. Chad continues the conversation with Carolina Plott Hound’s Paul Chesser. They talk about how Paul chooses stories for the website, which articles get the most clicks and why a story garners attention over another. A story Paul really likes is about a 17-year-old entrepreneur in Forsyth County who is turning dog poo into cash.

In the second hour, Chad speaks to Rob Burns, Co-founder of Raleigh-based Predictify.me. They developed software that uses predictive analytics to analyze data from suicide bombings, patient records and blast analytics to predict when a suicide bomber will strike. They also look at geo-political indicators like political events, weather patterns and days of the year to make predictions. Rob explains people think they are not predictable, but most generally are quite predictable. Rob describes how situations like the terrorist attacks in Paris can be predicted at a high level of accuracy if you know the variables. They are also working with the UN to help save children by stopping terrorist attacks. Chad asks what he thinks would help stop children from becoming suicide bombers. Rob says by providing education and economic opportunities to disenfranchised youth. This is a fascinating interview with a forward-thinking company.

Finally, did you hear what the President said about Friday’s terrorist attacks in Paris? And what about Defense Secretary John Kerry? Here’s a hint – fellow Democrats are even separating themselves from them both.

Tomorrow we talk economics with Civitas Director of Policy Brian Balfour.

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