23 Nov

What Matters for Wednesday, November 23, 2016

On this Thanksgiving-Eve Mark brings George Leef, director of Research for the John William Pope Center for Higher Education Policy, on What Matters to discuss his recent post, “Will the Surge of Support for Free Speech on Campus Do Any Good?” about how many who advocate for free speech on university campuses do so with the caveat that the speech must align with their ideology. Next up is Dr. Louis Daniel, former director of NC Division of Marine Fisheries, to talk about fact vs fiction when it comes to marine resources stock, recreational fishermen say it’s depleted because of commercial fishermen and commercial fishermen say that they are being run out of business by environmentalists in the name of recreational fishermen. To close out the show Mark talks with Jeffrey Taylor, managing partner of USGRI (Government Relations International), to talk about their excellent post-election analysis, “Everyone Missed It”  about why North Carolina was so key to Trump, and that he was assuming losses in Pennsylvania and Michigan, meaning he had to have NC, Ohio and Florida. Have a good Thanksgiving!

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