25 Nov

What Matters for Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Chad opens the show talking about academic trends. Specifically Duke University, talking about the way that employees are let go, and how the faculty feel about it. “Should be reserved for those who have demonstrated by teachers that shows excellence in the opinion of their peers.” and if they are not of the “Tolerance Test” they “have to go.”

5 reasons why I love Donald Trump. 5 reasons why I love Donald Trump… All answers non-sarcastic. Donald Trump brings energy to the race for presidency. Trump is not afraid to be painted with a broad brush, what you see is what you get. He is a real, and brutally honest candidate and he does not apologize for it. People didn’t think that Trump would make a splash in the political field, he ended up creating a tsunami.

Paul Chesser is on the show today to talk about political games and false claims in political stories. Chad tells Paul that he doesn’t see any attempt at balance. That others are trying to make McCrory look fake, and false. The article was supposed to be about Roy Cooper, and there was no mention of him. “Chapel Hill’s general education program has taken away from the more general courses and allowed students to choose their own course, however, with the amount of diversity in the General Education program, the studies of each student is going crazy.”

Chairman Josh Howard announced that he would be stepping down because of health reasons in January. The reason that he is stepping down is because he needs to take care of himself and have fun with his family, spending time with his 5-year-old son and his wife. “I need to do it.” He told Chad when asked ‘why now?’. Apparently, Howard has refused medication for years and has finally given into the pressure from his doctor.

In the last half-hour, Chad talks about the assignment of land, capitalism, and the rules and regulations around Plymouth. “For it made all hands very industrious. God gave them plenty.” Because of the change, the first Thanksgiving could first be held in 1633. “Tragedy of the commons” That which is common to the public has the least care to it. “To do as little as possible and take as much as you can”, if all American’s had a welfare mentality, who would be contributing to it. Sound familiar? They felt that the common good would be served, but it wasn’t. What’s ironic is that the US Government has yet to see the connection between then and now. “because the way the U.S Government deals with the native American lands, they don’t have the motivation to work harder because everything is being handed to them.” Says Chad. History repeats itself. America was founded by Socialist who learned from their mistakes and changed! What gives you great freedom is hard work. Honest work. And when someone can’t work, it is not our responsibility to take care of them.

We’re back live Monday at 3 p.m. Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at “What Matters with Chad Adams!”

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