26 Oct

What Matters for Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Mark speaks with North Carolina Speaker of the House, Rep. Tim Moore and his feelings after the 2010 election, that gave the GOP the majority in the NC General Assembly, and his reaction to the multiple messes the previous Democratic majority had left, including a nearly $3 Billion budget deficit, a Medicaid situation that was in financial chaos and whose delivery system to patients was horrible, an unemployment division that was broke and broken. Mark then speaks with Donald Bryson, State Director of the NC Chapter of Americans for Prosperity for an update on AFP’s work across the state in encouraging people to get out and vote, his thoughts on how prudent it is to have a rainy-day fund for the state, and how shortsighted it was for Roy Cooper to dismiss the idea in favor of more spending. Mark finishes up the show with Tony Pecararo, vice-president of the Wake County Taxpayer’s Association, to discuss the Wake County 50 cents sales tax  referendum for transit that is on the ballot. To find out more, listen in.

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