18 Dec

What Matters — Monday, December 18, 2017 — 50 Minutes

On today’s episode of What Matters in North Carolina, host Matt Caulder talks with Brian Balfour about Medicaid expansion as a wish list item for the Left, introducing the Civitas Institute’s new “Toxic Agenda” series highlighting things that the Left wants to accomplish in the state but would not be beneficial for the people of the state. Matt then talks with Brooke Medina and Ray Nothstine about the state resuming the death penalty after state leaders called on the state governor and attorney general to resume carrying out the sentence in the state after a ten year moratorium. Subscribe to the podcast on Apple and Android devices by searching What Matters in North Carolina and follow along with the show on social media on Twitter and Facebook by searching @WhatMattersNC. This show is sponsored by the Civitas Institute, North Carolina’s conservative voice. To find out more about Civitas go to www.nccivitas.org.


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