12 Feb

What Matters — Monday, Feb. 12, 2018 — 50 Minutes

On today’s show Matt talks with Brooke Medina, of the Civitas Institute, about two new speakers for Civitas’ Conservative Leadership Conference coming up in April, go to civitasclc.org to get those tickets. Then we talk a little bit about the memo released by Congress on the Steele report, which is largely responsible for the existence of the investigation into alleged ties betters the Trump campaign and Russia. Then we talk with Brian Balfour, also of the Civitas Institute, about the issue of lack of medial care in rural areas of the state and the possibility of opening up more types of medical care to nursing staff with advanced degrees that previously only doctors have been able to do. Make sure to follow along with us on social media on Facebook and Twitter @whatmattersnc and call in to the show at (919) 747-8063 and leave us a short message about a segment you heard that you liked or didn’t like or about a topic you want us to talk about, and if it is good we will put it on the air. Also subscribe to the podcast wherever you listen to podcasts by searching “What Matters in North Carolina” and clicking subscribe.

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