What Matters-Lt. Gov Dan Forest-Wednesday, January 18, 2017-33 Minutes

Mark speaks with Lt. Gov. Dan Forest about what he is expecting to be some of the more significant legislation to come out of the Legislature during the upcoming Long Session as well as what to expect going forward already seeing the rocky start to the relationship between Gov. Roy Cooper and the General Assembly leadership. Also Forest has been stalwart in his defense of HB 2 and Mark asks him if he is concerned about the leadership of the General Assembly seemingly being willing to repeal the legislation. Find out what else is on Forest’s mind as he heads into his second term.


What Matters-Michele Nix-Wednesday, January 18, 2017-32 Minutes

Mark speaks with Michele Nix, vice-chairman of the North Carolina Republican Party, about her plans to attend the inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump. Why is she going? Will there be North Carolina-specific events to attend during the festivities? Does she have concerns about the safety of her and those she is attending with in light of the publicized plans to try to disrupt the event by groups like DisruptJ20? Tune in for more as we lead up to the inauguration.

What Matters-James O’Keefe-Wednesday, January, 18, 2017-29 Minutes

Mark brings on James O’Keefe, president of Project Veritas, to talk about his group’s latest undercover revelations, wherein a group known as DisuptJ20 were videoed about their plans to disrupt the Presidential Inauguration and festivities through such things as placing acidic stink bombs in HVAC systems, chaining trains and themselves to Washington D.C. Metro trains in an effort to keep them from running and to back up traffic on roads and bridges so people would not be able to get to the inauguration. O’Keefe also talks about how the group is crossing the line of protesting by advocating violence such as threatening to punch people in the throat. The FBI and Secret Service have been made aware of DisruptJ20’s plans largely through Project Veritas’ efforts. And, as of today the group has said that it intends “scale back” its plans to disrupt the proceedings, which O’Keefe says is good news and a result of the light being shined on their plots. Tune in for this explosive interview.

What Matters-Julie Wilsey-Tuesday, January 17, 2017-29 Minutes

Mark talks with Julie Wilsey, director of the Wilmington International Airport about the record setting year the airport had. Mark asks Julie what factors the growth can be attributed to and is the area growing right along with the airport, or is a lot of the airport use coming from people driving to Wilmington to take flights over going to Raleigh to fly out of RDU? Is the growth in the airport causing the airport authority to think about adding extra flights and possibly more carriers? Tune in for more.