What Matters-Tim Boyum-Friday, March 24, 2017-28 Minutes

Mark speaks with Tim Boyum, anchor of Capital Tonight on the Time-Warner Cable News Channel, for a wrap-up of the past week’s activities at the General Assembly including the passing of the one-year anniversary of HB2 and the latest in the efforts to repeal that law. Also did Sen. Joel Ford hurt or help his bid to win the Democratic primary in the race for Charlotte mayor by publicly going at it with EqualityNC on social media over HB2 repeal?

What Matters-Nick Ochsner-Thursday, March 23, 2017-26 Minutes

On today’s show Mark speaks with Nick Ochsner, investigative reporter with WBTV, on this, the one year anniversary of the passing of HB2, to give us an update on the process to repeal the bill and an update on the very public back and forth between Sen. Joel Ford (D-Mecklenburg) and the LGBT activist group EqualityNC on Twitter Wednesday over a repeal bill that Ford filed this week. Ford’s bill would repeal HB2 and include a “cooling off” period wherein municipalities would not be able to pass non-discrimination ordinances like the one Charlotte passed leading the state to pass HB2.

What Matters-Rep. Jimmy Dixon-Wednesday, March 22, 2017-30 Minutes

Mark speaks with Rep. Jimmy Dixon, (R-Duplin) about three bills he has filed this session related to the solar/renewable energy industry. Dixon is looking to cap the Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard (REPS) in North Carolina at 8 percent, lower the property tax exemption for solar facilities from 80 percent to 60 percent and change a state tax law related to land valuation that benefits the solar industry that Dixon feels is no longer necessary.

What Matters-Daniel Parks-Tuesday, March 21, 2017-30 Minutes

Mark talks with Daniel Parks, executive director of Cities4Life Charlotte, about his pro-life organization’s ongoing struggle with the City of Charlotte and a local abortion clinic over attempts to have no parking signs posted on the street in front of the clinic to keep Cities4Life from parking their RV on the street. The pro-life organization offers free ultrasounds for women heading into the abortion clinic in the hopes that seeing their child in the womb might change their mind about going through with the abortion.