What Matters-Patrick Woodie-Wednesday, February 22, 2017-35 Minutes

Mark brings on Patrick Woodie, president of the NC Rural Economic Development Center, to talk about the “Future of Rural Banking in Rural North Carolina” symposium held on February 16 and the challenges discussed and possible solutions offered at the symposium. Also what are the biggest challenges facing North Carolina’s rural communities that the Center will be advocating the General Assembly to address during this legislative session and Patrick talks to us about the BRIGHT futures bill filed by Rep. John Szoka (R-Cumberland) and whether it is taxpayers’ responsibility to provide broadband access to rural communities.

What Matters-Rep. Bob Steinburg and Elizabeth City Mayor Joe Peel-1 hour and 6 minutes

Mark speaks with Rep. Bob Steinburg (R-Pasquotank) about the Amazon Wind Farm, which is now fully operational with 104 turbines. The project has been a source of controversy in the Republican party with some conservatives opposing the taxpayer-funded incentives going to wind, solar and other forms of renewable energy. Another layer to the controversy is the tension between those who favor the wind farm and those who have objected such as Sen. Phil Berger (R-Rockingham), citing interference with a naval radar system near the wind farm. In that same vein is Mayor Joe Peel of Elizabeth City, join gin us for the Mayor Monday segment, a day late, to talk about the Amazon Wind Farm being in the area and the impact it is having in his city. Also Peel talks about the history of Elizabeth City and what are “must-do” things for visitors.

What Matters-Greg Pulscher-Monday, February 20, 2017-26 Minutes

Happy President’s Day! Joining us on the show today is Greg Pulscher, host of the “Free to Brew” podcast also on the Freedom Action Network, to talk about HB 67 filed by Rep. Michael Speciale (R-Beaufort) which would raise the limit craft beer brewers have before having to use a wholesale distributor from 25,000 to 100,000 barrels and the job creating opportunities that would come from the increase. Also, Greg gives us an overview of the health of the craft beer industry in North Carolina and nationally and answers why the established big brewers don’t try to compete with the smaller craft brewers on taste, which is part of craft beer’s success.

What Matters-Sen. Joyce Krawiec and Tim Boyum-Friday, February 17, 2017-51 Minutes

Mark opens the show with a return visit from Sen. Joyce Krawiec, (R-Forsyth), to give us an in-depth look at a couple of bills she has filed and her thoughts on what she sees as the top priority for this legislative session. Also she talks about her views on Gov. Roy Cooper’s latest HB 2 repeal proposal. Following Krawiec is Tim Boyum, anchor of Capital Tonight on the Time Warner Cable News Channel, who will gives us some insight into where HB 2 stands today after the General Assembly leadership looked unfavorably at his proposal earlier this week. Also, who are some of the players currently that might have legitimate shots at higher offices in the state and in Washington D.C. What lies ahead for Lt. Gov. Dan Forest, darling of the conservatives in the state, and might former Gov. Pat McCrory run again for governor in the future?