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Free to Brew Show

“Without beer there can be no liberty, and without liberty there can be no beer.”

Liberty and Beer are interchangeable. The Free to Brew show with host Greg Pulscher discusses the most recent Micro Brew revolution is a direct result of the government getting out of the consumers and brewers way to innovate, create value, and freely associate.

Tune in to find out how erroneous legislation cause problems, where there have been successes, and how this all relates to each individuals liberty. Greg hosts interviews, various opinions, and discussions about North Carolina regulations over micro brewing and everything related.

Be part of the only show devoted to the life, liberty and pursuit of beer!

If you would like to be interviewed or have topics ideas, contact Free to Brew on Twitter @FreetobrewNC, or on Facebook at “Free to Brew.” You can also download our archived podcasts by clicking the Free to Brew podcasts link.

The latest show is available for download below.